For me personally,
music is a sensory platform that I use to express
a very unique emotional story through sound.




My names Matthew Hall, musician, music teacher and music producer. 

I have been composing my own music and helping others bring their music production to life for over 15 years. 

For me personally music is a sensory platform I use to express a very unique emotional story through sound for others to connect to. 

My music expression is changing constantly which allows a diverse opportunity to collaborate with people within a wide spectrum of music and sound creativity. 

I started out producing music in the early 2000’s. 

My background in music originally stemmed from playing drums and bass guitar for many indie and punk rock bands in my late teens and early twenties. 

Music production became a new platform of expression for me when my two children came into the world. Practicing and jamming with a band became much harder to work around the demands of a young family and music production depended solely on my own time schedule without having to rely on anyone else to practice or perform. 

I now travel and work as a full time musician/producer. 

Current Tracks


Do you want to develop your own unique style of music production?
Maybe you already have vocals and you want to lay them over an instrumental sound?

Let me assist your creativity, and let's take your musical creation to the next level.
I also offer a mixing and mastering service and if you are having trouble with the arrangement of your individual tracks I am here to help.

I mix and master all of my own tracks so if this is something that
you would like me to do for you please contact me.

Let's take your musical creation to the next level!